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Welcome to Chocolate Flower Farm!

We moved to this 8-acre 1923 farm 19 yrs ago & fenced off a portion of the pasture for our gardens. We started as a mail order specialty plant nursery specializing in rare, dark colored plants & flowers (hence the name Chocolate Flower Farm).  We make chocolate candles, natural cocoa butter & chocolate infused body products, chocolate garden seed kits, seed packets from our gardens & chocolate raspberry jams & fudge.

Our farm has been featured extensively in the media, including HGTV’s Gardening by the Yard; CNN Travel (Top 10 Things to do on Whidbey); Martha Stewart Living; Sunset Magazine (3 times); Midwest Living Magazine; Coastal Living Magazine; Seasons (a high-end magazine in Moscow Russia); Horticulture Magazine; Better Homes & Gardens; Birds & Blooms; 805 Living (Santa Barbara Mag); gardening magazines in Europe & hundreds of newspapers. 

We have fun plans to expand the experiences here on the farm to include a picnic deli with tables for picnics (bring your own or from our picnic deli). Our goats are friendly & love to be fed peanuts, shell & all. They don’t bite, they use their tongues to gently take the peanuts. It is an especially wonderful encounter for children and we have just added a miniature horse and minature donkey to our critter farmly. Our hens are Marans, a breed from France that lay dark chocolate-colored eggs. Our two geese Oompah and Loompah, are milk chocolate American Buffs & our ducks are Chocolate Runner Ducks

Our gardens include not only chocolate/dark colored flowers but also colorful vegetables which makes gardening fun and engaging for children.  We grow colorful pumpkins, pink & black popcorn, chocolate corn, chocolate cherry tomatoes, edible flowers and more. It is all about fun & engagement with gardening, animals and nature.

We had a store in Langley for 15 years and closed it and moved it to the farm when Covid hit and our farmstore here is even sweeter than our Langley store was.  We feature all of the products that we make here on the farm as well as products from other Whidbey farmers and makers and a large selection of quality chocolate with an emphasis on Craft (bean to bar) and local chocolate.

Our unique seed collections and products are also available online. You can find us and our online store at (our chocolate themed products are perfect for gifts!!). Our motto is “we are too small to be normal”.  We hope you enjoy our unique offerings.

Enjoy your visit!     

Marie, Rick, Daisy & Addison Lickolicious (woof!)

1/21/23 Update on Farmer Rick's Recovery:  Rick has made great progress in his healing since the accident on Nov 11th.  The neurologists say he should go buy a lottery ticket since he's so lucky to have somehow been able to avoid a much worse outcome than he is experiencing.  He had a very bad reaction to a brain MRI on 12/21 and we had to spend 8 hrs in the ER on Christmas Day but aside from that it appears he will have very little permanent brain damage and his neck fracture has healed enough to no longer need the neck brace and he is now allowed to turn his head.  The rib fractures are healing and he needs to continue to wear his back brace for the multiple vertebre fractures and in another month they will take more xrays to see if those fractures are mended well enough for him to no longer need the brace.  He still has to be very careful and cannot lift anything over 5 pounds and he tires easiluy if he is up and walking for even a short amount of time but he is clearly on the road to recovery.  We are so gratedul for all of the support from everyone.  Thank you a thousand times over!  Marie


11/27 update on Farmer Rick's Recovery:  

Rick's fall off the roof accident was on 11/11 and he was airlifted to a trauma center, in ICU for four days then hospitalized for a week, then transferred to an in-hospital rehab, then home on Thanksgiving with continued in home visiting Rehab to continue with his recovery.  He has a broken neck, multiple breaks in his back and ribs and a traumatic brain injury.  We are hopeful for a full recovery but like the neurologist told me "This is a marathon, not a sprint", it will be many months before he will be on the mend enough to begin resuming normal day to dayness and there may be some permanent damage that only time will tell.

He came home over the holiday weekend so this week I will be arranging for his rehab team, a primary care doc that is here on the island and continue with being Nurse Marie in administering his pain meds and other meds as needed.

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you! You wonderful community of family, friends, fellow islanders and customers... your amazing outpout of love and support means the world to us!

A GoFundMe account has been set up to help with Rick's medical expenses.

Love and hugs to all!



What came first, the chocolate or the flowers??

Our farm is named after a love of chocolate and Marie's passion for gardening... as it turns out Marie already had a love of dark plants, thus our name tipped the scale toward specializing in "chocolate" flowers.  But gardeners cannot live on chocolate alone so we grow many complementary plants as well, with an emphasis on rare, hard to find perennials and edible flowers.  We have created a full line of quality chocolate themed products that are available on our website, at our farm and at select retailers around the U.S. and the world.  

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Please feel free to email us with any questions, comments or suggestions you might have. 


Chocolate Flower Farm
5040 Saratoga Road
Langley, WA 98260



5040 Saratoga Road, Langley

From Seattle take take I-5 North to Exit 189 and follow signs to the Whidbey Island/Mukilteo Ferry (a 15 minute crossing).  Once off the ferry go approx 2.5 miles on Hwy 525 to Langley Road.  Turn right onto Langley Road and follow it approx 3 miles to Langley.  At the first stop sign in Langley take a right onto Cascade and follow it to Second Street.  Take a left onto Second Street and keep going straight for exactly 1 mile ... Second Street turns into Saratoga Road when you leave town.  Our farm is on the left.

From Bellingham take I-5 South to Exit 230, and follow signs to Deception Pass Bridge. Cross the bridge to Whidbey Island. Drive down the Island on Highway 20, which then becomes Highway 525. Turn left at Bayview Road (at the light after you pass the Whidbey Telecom Building) and go approximately 3 miles to Langley.  Once you pass the "Welcome to Langley" sign you will take the first left (DeBruyen) at the church and then the first left again onto Saratoga Road and the farm is 4/10ths of a mile up Saratoga Road.  

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    Chocolate Flower Farm
    5040 Saratoga Road, Langley, WA  98260


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